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Comprehensive Range of Services from Promors

As a professional promotional gift supplier, Promors not only have a comprehensive range of products but can also offer you a full-service programme in relation to promotional items and advertising material. Your individual needs and requirements are always the focus. We work closely with you to create your own tailor-made solutions – applying a professional, goal-oriented approach which takes into account how your promotional items are to be used. Our diverse service offering includes:


Full Custom Production

We provide full custom promos production service. Please just provide us with your artwork and we''ll create a custom layout for you.


The perfect placement of your advertising message is just as important as your business card. The better the location of the ad and the branding itself, the better the product will carry and deliver your message. We will be pleased to advise you.

Design Service

Related issues. Your logo or company name can be virtually placed on any product of your choice – be it a simple mass distribution item or a garment for your Corporate Fashion line or a complex special production. As a result, you already have a realistic idea what your promotional item will look like once it has been manufactured – even before you place an order.

Special Design

We offer a virtual sampling service, which allows us to digitally visualize your individual wishes and ideas concerning all advertising placement-If you would like to use a highly customized promotional product in your advertising campaign or promotion and we do not carry such a product, we can still help. We will be pleased to manufacture a special product based on your specific wishes that meet all of your design, material, colour and purpose of use requirements.

Direct Import

Upon request or if your order volume justifies it, we can also import your promotional products directly. Imports from China are directly shipped to the customer and are therefore no longer subject to pre-financing or storage. These items are enhanced by the onsite manufacturer in China. Moreover, we warrant that your product will bear your individual design and that the incoming goods will be quality inspected. All orders are monitored by us from production to shipping, so that a smooth handling and on-time deliveries are ensured.


Especially companies who frequently need promotional products find themselves confronted with the question: what can we do to make the purchasing process for advertising supplies more efficient? The solution: optimum alignment of the process chain thanks to outsourcing. The process from the initial promotional product idea to its utilization with a specific target group comprises several phases whose sum total determines how cost-effective your advertising supply procurement really is. Being aware of this fact led us to develop an idea: if everything is done by a single source that ensures that each individual step is intelligently aligned with the other phases, the total costs can be reduced. The result: attractive time and cost savings for your company.

Corporate Fashion

We will be pleased to support and advise you as you develop your individual Corporate Fashion – every step of the way from concept to the presentation of the first sample collection to the actual delivery. Only premium materials and the latest designs are used as your collection is put together. The workmanship evident in our garments is also first rate. They are highly functional and we guarantee they will last for a long time. We will manufacture your Corporate Fashion entirely in synch with your wishes and instructions – optimally aligned with your Corporate Identity

Package & Shipping

We will ensure all products are packaged optimally and ship your promotional products in compliance with all of your instructions. To ensure that your products arrive at their destination in personalized packaging and on time, we offer a professional and budget-priced order picking service. Upon request, we will even gift wrap your promotional items or enclose greeting cards, sample products or print material with the package. If requested, certain items can also be manufactured using our Quick Service.


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